Durham NC - Meetups? In town next week

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Hey all - I just made my first investment in Durham and will be in town next week to walk it through and learn more about the area. I live in CA so It would be a great opportunity to meet with some of you local NC folks and network a bit. Anyone in the area know of any Meetups or perhaps a meeting over coffee ... Looking forward to building new relationships in the area. 

Hi Richard, I am in Durham, NC! There is an active REIA group here and we have Durham meetings. Also happy to grab coffee with you if you find yourself in Chapel Hill and can round up a couple of other RE investors too. I'd love to hear about your Durham purchase!

@Timothy McKinney.. Hi Timothy -- sorry I missed you while I was in Durham last week. I am very interested in talking shop with you and may need a GC for a couple of properties I have under contract in Durham. I will be back in the area next month and will reach out to you then ... Happy Holidays

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