New to BP here, tips on how to investing and owning property?

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Find a focus that interest you, study it and be good at it. With a general question like this is hard for other investors to help you. One thing that I have learned in my limited time doing REI is that the riches are in the niches. So instead of asking for general tips ask for tips in the market you want to be at and the specific strategy you plan to use. If you look at all the deals possible you will lose too much time looking and very little doing deals.

@Jose Batista Abikarram

Yeah you are right! I have to find what I want to do and put my time and effort into that specific thing. Right now I am thinking about rental property and house flipping. I've done a couple of projects in renovating and my goal is to start flipping homes to get rental properties. Thanks for the info and tip, I appreciate your time replying.  

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