I hope I’m posting in the right in the right cat. I’m sure someone will let me know. Anyway, I have some questions and hope someone on the pro side of things will help me out with some info as I am a newbie, but a newbie who doesn’t want to make mistakes and end up telling horror stories. I’ve found a deal for sure but I’m afraid to act on it cause I hear it’s illegal in the state of Florida. Then I read, on BP that it is legal, but must performed properly and with honesty. Any all advice will be greatly appreciated and you don’t have an answer for me, that’s fine, maybe you know where I may get pointed in the right direction. So here are my issues as of right now.

1. Can wholesaling be done legally in the state of Florida, without an RE? If not, please read 2.

2. I’ve also heard that double closing can be done without breaking any laws, if this is so, as mentioned above, I’m a newbie, how is a double close performed from a pro stand point?

And if all is good, does anyone know where to get a s+p? Lol like I said, I’m a newbie, but now for long.