Portland Maine Networking

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My boyfriend Justin and I just moved to the Portland area from Colorado. We have been studying wholesaling and real estate investing for about two years now. We have been driving for dollars in Portland Maine and just wanted to connect with local investors in the area and network out from there. We look forward to hearing from you!

Autumn, I have lived in Portland for 15 years, am a broker and do evaluations on commercial properties for banks. I would love to connect! Look me up/call/text/e-mail. My cousin (who actually just moved here from Colorado as well) are looking into investment properties. In fact, going to look at one today! 

@Autumn Nieters Welcome to Portland! You’ve survived one of the rainiest months on record in recent years, it can only go up from here!

I'm an agent, flipper and out of state multifamily investor. If you ever need connections around town, feel free to reach out!

Welcome to Maine!! it is very beautiful here. I am a landlord and also I have my own bookkeeping, payroll and Tax preparation business specializing in residential rental units and Non-profit organizations. Let me know if you have any questions, I will be glad to help you out.

Deff make sure to make it out to the BP Meet Up in Southern Maine.  Its usually a good time and tons of knowledgable people.

@Autumn Nieters Welcome I just moved here from Wyoming in December 2018, but I am originally from Colorado. Would love to connect for coffee some time. You should reach out to @Harrison Smith he is also a great contact to have. Can't wait to see what the future brings for you.

@Autumn Nieters I'm sorry I'm so late to this post! I moved from Boulder to Portland, Maine 2.5 years ago now and I too am just getting involved in REI. If you happen to see this message, I'd love to hop on the phone and see how you guys are doing! Networking is so, so important. Thanks!

Hi Autumn,

I see that this post is 6ish months old, but I wanted to reach out because I am new to BiggerPockets forum. My husband and I live in Saco, but I went to school in Portland and spent a lot of time there! Would love to connect if you all are still interested!