New to real estate - San Diego area

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@Jeremiah Watkins

Hey Jeremiah,

I work in downtown SD. I primarily focus on helping people use the VA loan to invest. If you're interested in talking I'd be glad to help. Feel free to check out my social media accounts to verify what I'm saying.

My goal in SD county is to build a VA investing community and help EVERYONE discover the power real estate can have. I'm holding a meet up next month in Downtown. You should swing by!

Even if you don't want me as your agent, I'll give you advice and my opinion on questions you may have. Hope to talk soon!

All the best,

Donald Appleberry

Hi Jeremiah, 

I think you are on the right path. It's really hard to get cash flow here in San Diego anymore unless you put a lot down but I still think it's a great idea. If you hold onto the property until it's paid off it can really provide a nice boost to your retirement especially if rents continue to rise. Even if you don't hold it that long, you have the potential for a lot more equity building up from appreciation and principle pay down on a higher priced property.

Some loan programs even allow you to use a portion of the rents towards your qualifying income. That's how I purchased my first property back in 2010. I used an FHA loan to purchase a triplex where I lived in one unit and rented out the other two. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I'm a licensed Agent here in San Diego and I can refer you to a good Lender if you don't have one.