Winston-Salem - Which areas are good to invest in Buy and Holds?

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Hi all -- I'm considering buying a SFH on Center Street just SW of UNC School of the Arts. I'm a newbie Buy and Hold investor from California and have a couple of properties in Durham and Burlington already - but I'm not very familiar with Winston-Salem. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the area and if this is a good place to do the BRRRR thing? Thanks for your input.

Hey Richard. I have lived in Winston-Salem for the past 8 years. I am a newbie to real estate as well. I don't own any properties yet but I would be happy to help in any way I can. That part of town is pretty good as far as I have seen. I don't have the crime statistics but any area near a UNC school will definitely have students looking for a place.

Hi Richard,

I went to NCSA for undergrad, but I graduated 9 years ago, so things may be quite different now. In any case, when I was there, Center was not a place that students were renting. NCSA is in a strange part of town. The Main St/Sunnyside Ave side of campus was desirable, but the south and east sides of campus... not so much. Also, NCSA is small. Like 1400 students. My gut would say "no," at least if you're trying to rent to students. 

That said, it probably comes down to your numbers. If you buy right, and it cash flows, a good deal is a good deal.