Replacement Windows near Attleboro, MA

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Hi All, 

Looking for some advice on replacement windows. I (with some help) can do the installation... so we're not looking for a full service contractor.  

  • What window brands do you recommend for a buy-and-hold investment? For a duplex built in 1840, in pretty good shape minus the windows. I'm not planning on the higher end Pella, Andersen, Harvey... looking for value... Slocomb perhaps? Will need windows for Rough Opening and eventual installation from the outside
  • Any recommendations on Window dealers? That won't require I use them for installation. I could go to Home Depot or Lowes but I try to stay away when I can (quality concerns).

 Thanks everyone!

    Thanks, Steph! Yea we're looking at a value play, solid construction and u-value without the price tag of the major players like Andersen, Pella, etc. There are a ton of window brands though. Continuing research...