Kansas city meet up options

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Are there any local meet ups, groups, or anything going on to start meeting people and continue trying to learn more about real estate investing?

I am currently reading the UBG and have Rich Dad Poor Dad on the way and will start reading this week, along with some other book I want to look into . I am also trying to browse around on Bigger Pockets. I would like to keep learning more and hear from others about their experience around the Kansas city area.

You can find a lot of meetings on the MAREI calendar, both MAREI's meetings, local landlord group meetings and a few other meetings hosted by our members. Most are currently on zoom so you can attend from anywhere.

And if you want to connect, right now, today - MAREI meetings the 2nd Tuesday of the month which is tonight 8/11 .  The meeting starts at 6 pm CST and members and 1st-time guests are free.  Details and links to register can be found on the BP Calendar of Events.

We would love to connect, we have about 90 people registered at this is NOT a webinar with speakers just speaking at you. We do have a lot of networking in the chat, in break out sessions and in Q & A. And we showcase a lot of local members so you can get to know them and reach out after the meeting.

We had a record breaking online attendance this week, hope to do the same next month: Top 10 Title Issues Real Estate Investors have to solve with Accurate Title

MAREI North has an inperson meeting tonight - MAREI has it's member's only master mind meeting tomorrow and main monthly meeting the 2nd tuesday of September.

@Kim Tucker Sorry, I didn't get a notification that I missed a reply. How much is it to attend these meetings? And would they be good for someone new to jump into or should I try amd get more first hand experience first?

The northland MAREI meeting and the main monthly meeting at MAREI have a minimal fee, or for $99 a year you can attend all of them for no extra charge - northland is in person, the main meeting is still online, both are great ways to connect and learn.  WE have also added a member's only mastermind