Hudson Valley New York REIA

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Hello BP,

Is there any credible REIA's in the Hudson Valley New York area right now? If not I would be interested in co-starting one via Zoom and maybe have bi weekly meetings if anyone has interest.

Hey @Dan M. , there are a few, you can even search similar posts/requests right here on BP and find lots of info on them. I'm involved with UCREIG, so I'm partial to that one ;), but there are others that are good in Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, etc... 

@Jared Gettinger Cool I did not know of UCREIG thank you. Id still be interested in starting one or joining one Orange County do you know of any there? No fees just maybe a bi weekly meeting of the like minded?

There is a meet up in newburgh monthly and a few pop up ones in Newburgh as well.  The newburgh people have a Facebook page as well 

I haven’t been in a while but it was at Orange County choppers

Dan,  good talking to you the other day.  I'd definitely be interested in an OC specific meetup.

Eric He runs a really good one too.  Mostly focused on Dutchess but I think there are a few folks who invest in OC and UC.


I had a wholesale in Beacon and i sent the same message to a Handful of investors and they disabled my mail  on Biggerpockets .  I think only pro member can do those things.  We have an investors page.  I’m one of admin.  Or go to    Investing in real estate Hudson valley.       Erhe is my name on Facebook.   
I’m a teacher in newburgh so I stopped using my real name on Facebook 

Orange County real estate meet up 

Dc runs it.  I was told that the other one no longer meets.  I think I might have a wholesale coming in newburgh.