General Contractor/ Handyman selection

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Hey everybody,

I am just starting out in the Austin area as a general contractor/handyman specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling. I would greatly appreciate any tips and suggestions on networking effectively. Besides word of mouth, where do most of you turn to when looking for general contractors/ handyman services.

Thanks in advance

@Matthew Malen investors will thank you if you show up at local REIA meetings! This is a great place for networking and EVERYONE is looking for a reliable contractor. It's a great way to get referrals, too. Don't be afraid to bring a portfolio with photos of some of your work!

@Matthew Malen . I agree. Local landlord associations are a great way to network. I would also check on local investing facebook groups. I have found a few contractors that way.

I would also reach out to real estate agents and offer your services to them. I have got many good contractor referrals from agents they have done work for.

@Matthew Malen - welcome to Austin, this is a great market for your skillset. A lot of renovations happening throughout the Greater MSA. I connect investors to trades all the time, would love to connect