Wanting to work with Investors in Omaha Nebraska

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I am new to this and trying to make my first step in this. Right now I'm interested in duplex properties and flip houses. I love the idea of some steady cash flow right now to get me going so I can start saving for my next property but right now, I can't seem to find enough money to start out. The Omaha metro area just seems to keep growing and growing all directions. I've lived here my whole life and love it here. I am looking for investors, In-state or out of state, that would like to branch out to Omaha and the surrounding areas. Also, to the Investors out here in Nebraska, are there Investor meet-ups around town at all or how does work to meet with investors? Is it better to do it online, for example thru Bigger Pockets? Thanks!

Hi Kent & Jennifer

I am out of state ( Cal ) looking for a SFH ( w a walk out basement to convert to rental ) or a Type C duplex. Been looking about the past year and half and things have really picked up in sales and pricing....... I have family in Omaha and looking to invest in a property out there.

I have been told that I should be looking in South Omaha.  Would love to be able to network with you as to what parts of town are good or bad..........was planning on a trip out there before the covd but now maybe in a few months.

Would love to chat with you guys at your convenience


Bruce Umeck

The Omaha Real Estate Meetup on Facebook is the best local group to join for Omaha investors. Most active investors in Omaha are using it to post listings, find listings, post contractor successes, request contractor recommendations, or network. The group also has local meetups that I highly recommend. Meet in person (wear a mask and be safe, but get out), exchange business cards, get to know the community.

Use BiggerPockets to connect with the broader community and remain enthusiastic about investing. BP is great for hype and volume. I partnered with an out-of-state investor through BP, and it worked well, but it's harder to vet the quality of person on here than it is through local meetups. Best of luck! Omaha is a great city.

Yes there are two local meetings. If you look up Omaha REI on facebook a few groups will pop up. Go apply to join them and then you will be able to see when the meetings are. Fantastic thinking and wish you all the best. If I can ever help let me know, Omaha native and resident myself!

Hi Kent, welcome to BP and Omaha REI! As Jody and Jason mentioned, the Omaha Real Estate Meetup group on FB and the Omaha REIA are 2 good networking groups to join. Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything.