OKC's agents working with out of state investors?

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@Shay Levy if you’d be well served with a quality check in that department I am always happy to sit down for a cup of Joe (physically or virtually) and talk shop.

Be well,

Hi @Shay Levy

Looks like you have many leads for good agents.

If you still need ones I have 2 that I have worked w/ for many years. Both run a PM co. as well.

Both have experience w/out of state AND out of the country investors, both have Hebrew speaking clients too. 

All assuming you are looking for SFHs in good/nice areas and not commercial properties. 

1. I started investing in OKC in 2005 and stopped around 2014 and have suggested since to all my clients not to go there - there's nothing bad about OKC (I actually like it very much on a personal level).

2. You should also know there an obscure old law that may affect non-US citizens owning RE in OK (it may have changed years ago) that even experienced locals are not familiar with. 

BTW, if it sounds I'm anti-OKC - that's not correct. My personal actual experience taught me other many markets do/did better. 

Let me know if you need local resources and most important . . . good luck