Taking over the Montana market!

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Hey guys so I'm planning on creating a buy and hold business starting in Billings Montana, and I would love to get to know some fellow investors in the area. I know a few of you guys introduced yourselves and Hello, I'm looking for newbies and people who are interested in going big within the people business. If you guys want to chat, shoot me a DM and let's connect and chat details!

Curios, to know what type of deal you are looking for. What is all in cost you are aiming for? ARV? Rent and lease terms. Would think AirBnB would be huge. I have never been to MT, but certainly on the radar soon and soon could be when my kids get quarantined which seems inevitable now.

@Alex Craig hey Alex right now I'm looking into multi family buy and hold the market is really good for rentals! You know I like the idea of a mid range rental that is good quality. I have a deal I put an offer on actually that I'm looking to get the down payment gap funded, because I believe the ARV is much higher than the selling price so it has built in equity! It's right near a hospital and I'm considering doing furnished living in a few of the units, to get a higher rent and highe quality tenant!