Thinking of relocating to the south. Specifically west Florida

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Is it a good place to live? Affordable? Good place to invest?

Any other recommendation on a place in the south?

My dad lives in Orlando and I visit at least once a year. I personally love central Florida, but it totally depends on your lifestyle, if you want to live inland, near the beach, etc. But overall Florida isn't too shabby :) @Arthur P.

@Arthur P. - just be aware that "west Florida" is a good 5-7 hours away from the Orlando recommendations above. "West" is Panama City Beach and on....towards Alabama. 

@Arthur P. - I currently live in Orlando and would recommend it than any other place in Florida. And by Orlando I mean the surrounding cities (like Kissimmee, Apopka, Eustis, etc). It’s affordable, spacious lots, and hurricane impact isn’t as great like other larger metro areas in FL.

I'm from northwest Florida and I think it's a fabulous place to live, and it's close to Alabama, where we have our rental properties because of low property prices and good rental market. Florida is pricey

Southwest florida is an amazing place, its beautiful but expensive. Depends on your time horizon, anything that is close to the water is obviously more expensive. Marco Island is a nice pocket of wealth but your talking multi-million dollar homes. Lehigh is lower price but it is also lower income and not close to the water, however, its growing and they are redoing the roads and putting in new schools so that could be a nice place to scoop up some cheaper properties and land, other than that, I like "Tice" Its east of downtown fort myers but on the river. It is also a low-income area mostly dilapidated. However, they are expanding downtown fort myers and there isnt much room left, its historic and congested the only direction to expand is vertical or east upriver. When you come down reach out ill introduce you to some REI meetings that arent on meetup etc for some reason.

@Arthur P. I can second the Fort Myers area. I grew up in Destin, NW Florida, and like it down here much more.

This area also has significantly more rental potential, and a huge variance in potential investment startegies. Let me know if you have any other questions about the area!