NYC RE Investors humble origins

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What's going on BP, Would love to read the origins of how some of NYC investors got started. I'm talking specifically to the ones who really didn't have much or anything at all when they started investing in real estate in NYC.

What made you choose the RE investing path?

What were the obstacles did you overcome to be successful?

What type of changes did you make mentally and physically?

What were your goals when you started and how did they change over time as you became more successful?

What are some of the lessons you learned from the mistakes you've made?

How did you get started when you didn't have much or anything at all?

Etc. Really looking forward to reading you're guys journey!

Hi Justin

There are some great stories on the Bigger Pockets Real Estate podcast, but I haven’t come across any guests from NYC so far.  But there are lots of creative ideas from people starting out with little or nothing.

NYC is not an easy market, but there are opportunities like house hacking.  There are helpful government programs like NY State’s 1st time homebuyer program, SONYMA , see their webpage here:

(I don’t know if you would be a 1st time buyer, & have no way of knowing if you would qualify without knowing your financial picture, etc, but it’s a very good program to check out.)

NYC has some real estate groups on, a lot of them are still meeting virtually on Zoom.  You can get lots of info and support in these groups, & of course on the forums here.