Rental demand in woodbridge va

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Hi everyone! Newer investor here looking to house hack in Woodbridge VA. Trying to get a gauge on single room rental demand in Neabsco / Marumsco neighborhoods. Already have checked fb and craigslist and would appreciate any additional insight on perceived vacancy rates.

Would like to also connect with others in the area, thanks!

Woodbridge os past where high rental demand exists. Stay north of the Fairfax County Parkway exit off of 95 for high demand. 

Hi @Brad Alderama ,

I grew up in Woodbridge and still have a ton of friends and family there.   If you are looking for randoms to fill in the rooms I think you'll likely be better suited staying inside the beltway.  I know of people renting rooms from others but they are usually friends/family.  The closer in to DC you get I think you'll have better luck.

@Brian Beck Good to know! Been having trouble fining properties closer to the beltway that have the numbers work unfortunately. Don’t want to look into a property that I’d have a hard time renting out to random tenants

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@Russell Brazil Thank you! Any feedback on markets west of the beltway (i.e Centreville)?

 Id try to stay Herndon, Reston, Fairfax and eastward from there. Centreville, Chantilly west and south will all drop off in demand.