Property Manager in Ocala, FL

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Hi BP, I have a 70 unit MFH property under agreement in Ocala, FL. We are slated to close in 45 days and are currently looking for a Property Management firm to oversee our renovations project management (I live about an hour away, so I would need someone who doesn't need handholding on everything), typical property management responsibilities and also leasing. 

The obstacles I am running in to are extraordinarily high lease renewal fee's which I want to avoid. The property does currently have a property manager who sits in an onsite office to collect rent but I don't think it is necessary upon our acquisition.

Does anyone have an individual or firm who they have had good luck with in the past in this area? All feedback and advice is welcome. Thanks all!

Not sure if he is still taking on new clients but you can't go wrong with Clay Lehman at Resolute Property Management. I know he has another large complex under his wings also.