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Al Elliott

from chicago, ILLINOIS (IL)

Dec 22 '11, 04:25 AM

i've checked out most of the threads regarding absentee owners and i've contacted a lot title companies here in chicago and no one knows what i'm talking about i talked to the people in my county tax office, recorder of deeds etc no one know what i'm talking about i know about listsource and the other list source but i'm trying to find free ways of getting the list

Jon Holdman Moderator

Investor from Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Dec 22 '11, 07:12 AM
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"Absentee owner" properties are generally considered to be properties where the owner's address and the property address are different. Your definition might be more specific, such as the owner being in a different state than the property.

What are you asking for? I mean, when you go to the courthouse, what do you say? Perhaps you're just using some RE investor jargon term that is unfamiliar to the people there. Have you tried asking "is it possible to get a list of properties where the owner's address is different than the property address" or "is it possible to get a list of properties where the owner lives out of state?"

Are the public records online? If so, you can just work your way through the one by one in a web browser and makes notes about ones that meet this criteria.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Al Elliott

from chicago, ILLINOIS (IL)

Dec 22 '11, 07:23 AM

that sound like it might work it is online in Chicago, but but as far as to where to look i'm still fuzzing on, i search the county assessors website, the recorder of deeds website and the treasurers tax website, and i'm confused on how to pull that info with out going down there

Steve Nicewarner

Residential Real Estate Broker from Durham, North Carolina

Dec 22 '11, 07:24 AM

If that information is online, you should be able to download it into an excel spreadsheet. From there it should be easy to run a search comparing addresses.

George P.

Real Estate Investor from Baltimore, Maryland

Dec 22 '11, 07:27 AM

inquire at your next REIA meeting

Al Elliott

from chicago, ILLINOIS (IL)

Dec 22 '11, 08:21 AM

i'll inquire at my REIA but i'm pretty sure that they get there info from a list source and not the county also its not that easy accessing the info in my county

Jon Holdman Moderator

Investor from Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Dec 22 '11, 08:47 AM

Cook county recorder does have an online search, but its pretty useless. The information available is minimal. I messed with it for a bit, but didn't see how to get actually addresses or owner information.

There is a phone number, though, so you could just call them and ask if there is some way to search ownership information for (for example) some neighborhood and then get the addresses of the owners.

You may have to go to the recorder's office in person. Sometimes more information is available there than online.

These online systems are ALWAYS obtuse. I've looked at a bunch, and have never seen two that were alike. The information available varies widely, and Cook county looks likes its toward the bottom in terms of data available.

A title company may have more data available. If you're actually closed a transaction with one, try calling them and asking. If not, just start dialing.

Ultimately, you may just have to fork over a few hundred bucks and buy a list.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Kelly Payne

Real Estate Investor from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dec 22 '11, 08:55 AM
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Even with a great assessor's website (like Oklahoma County's), there wasn't a search function specifically for that. But when I called, the staff were more than willing to compile the info and put it into an excel doc for a small fee (less than $50).

I asked for a list of properties where the mailing address was different than the property address (but they would have added as many filters as I wanted, so I could have specified, say, only out-of-state.)

Timothy Rogers

Investor from Garland, Texas

Dec 22 '11, 08:59 AM
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Hi Al,

I live in Dallas, Texas and I use the Dallas, County appraisal district website to find absentee owners. Go to the site of the Cook County Appraisal district. You can search by neigborhood or owner on the website. Do what Jon said, look for owners that live at another address in the city or out of state. It will require some work, but it is free.

Jon Holdman Moderator

Investor from Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Dec 22 '11, 09:11 AM

If you do give them a call or go in person, follow Kerry's example. Sometimes we like to puff a little and use a lot of jargon so we sound like we know what we're doing. That may work at a REIA, where there is least some chance of people knowing the terms (though try asking people what they mean by "double closing" or "cash flow" and you may be amazed at the variety of answers.) But when you're dealing with someone at the recorders office, you need to be specific and clear unless you know THEIR jargon. Even identifiers like addresses, which seem very obvious to you and me, are probably not what their system uses. Cook county looks to use a "Property Identification Number" for individual properties, they have subdivision names, and use section/township/range as an area identifier. A "section" is a 1/36th square mile, roughly square piece of land. The "township" and "range" are two numbers that identify a particular square mile, then section number goes from 1 to 36 within that block.

USGS maps show section info. You might get it from google earth, too. From section/township/range, you can identify subdivision names. If you could walk in and say "I'd like to get a list of properties in Dixmoor subdivision where the owner's address is different than the property address", you might get a useful list.

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Michael Quarles Video Donor

Investor from Bakersfield, California

Dec 22 '11, 09:13 AM
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I vote for buying a compiled list with the correct absentee filters from listsource.. Heck theyre only +-.20 cents a name.

I know how valuable money is however how valuable is your time and more importantly how valuable is having hte information fast.

If youre wanting a general absentee farm most title/escrow companies will "Give" that info to you for the opportunity of doing business. It may take an introduction and creating contacts.

The huge issue is that with a farm you wont get the one filter you need which is an equity base.

If youre a sub2 or Lease Option investor youll want properties 80-95 LTV. If youre a flipper or wholesaler youll want 30-100 equity. If youre wanting Shorts then youll want 125% LTV or greater.

Good Hunting

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Justin Silverio

Investor from Methuen, Massachusetts

Dec 22 '11, 10:01 AM

Michael - Great tip. Didn't know about ListSource.

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Kelly Payne

Real Estate Investor from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dec 29 '11, 02:16 PM
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Just another thought. Until recently, I was an unlicensed assistant to my investor friend who had her realtor's license. I pulled leads and looked up comps for her in exchange for the position, which gave me MLS access.

You can look up almost *anything* only the MLS. I could spend hours just looking on there for fun, and even came up with new marketing targets from getting to know the system. But yes, you could easily find AOs through the MLS system (and I think most have that search option).

Sigh. We moved recently and I miss my access!

Al Elliott

from chicago, ILLINOIS (IL)

Dec 29 '11, 02:22 PM
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kelly i appreciate the idea but i've asked around and most realtors unless i'm licensed won't let me be there assistant in exchange for mls access in this case this route doesn't help me out at all

Brian P.

Real Estate Investor from Salt Lake City, Utah

Dec 29 '11, 03:16 PM
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You can't expect a sax player to be trusted with MLS info can you? Get your photo taken with a violin.

OK serious and apologies to Cannon Ball Adderley, I don't know Chicago, but I assume the home of Chicago title has some title companies about. Go see a sales rep at one, not an escrow officer and they will often burn a disc for you. Just be sure to send some biz their way when you can as thanks.

But if not you can often buy a list from the county for a fair price.

Al Elliott

from chicago, ILLINOIS (IL)

Dec 29 '11, 04:07 PM

I'll try that i've been talking to the same lady and i've ran out of things to say so she doesn't know its me

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Lawrence Monyei

Real Estate Investor from MARIETTA, GEORGIA

Mar 24, 05:45 PM

Hello guys, I have also checked this out in bunch of website, and it is NOT free. I have one website I use in searching people called INTELIUS.COM.

If the price at this website in not competitive for RE investing business, then you will need to use those that are really meant and targeting absentee home owners like and the rest of them.

I DON'T have any link or affiliations with these websites, good luck guys in your searches.   

Sonya Robinson

from Marietta, Georgia

May 27, 07:48 PM


I am new to the site and investing.  I'm not sure what should and should not be asked here so please forgive me if I ask something that I shouldn't.  I am in Marietta, GA and looking for Hard Money or Private Money Lenders who work locally in my area and base their loans on the deal, not credit.  Is there anyone else out there who is working in the same area?

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