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We have added QR Codes to our yellow letters and postcards. Any one else using them?

I have an agent who sold a big rehab for me, use them on her signs. She is convinced they are effective.

I was just talking to my son about them, and wondering if anyone ever uses them. They'd be convenient on signs, and you can actually do them with the website url, phone contact or email. I personally think website is best.

I love QR codes but think they are still slightly ahead of their time as most general public still have no clue what they are.

Originally posted by David Niles:
I love QR codes but think they are still slightly ahead of their time as most general public still have no clue what they are.

I see a lot of them in airports, so probably some demographics use them.

im thinking for a one square inch of a postcard or letter why not. If its something a viewer is unaware of it doesn't take away enough space to justify not giving it to those who do

Most people have no idea what they are -- many of the ones that do don't know how to scan them. That said, I use them on my business cards...

I remember in 1994 someone showed me email. They had to call their buddy to reply to an email they just sent. I thought WTF. This won't work.

Most of my motivated sellers are low income or older, so they would not be very effective for that.

However I could see using them for the buyer side of my deals for sure.

Each generation has their preferred form of communication. Some of my clients do not even have a computer. Some have home phones only and some e-mail but will not text etc.

It's all across the board really but the different age groups do have majority percentages that communicate a certain way. I do not use all the apps on my phone for instance. I like clean and simple without all the do dads. I do not even use 10% of what my Samsung Galaxy S 3 does.

I saw QR codes I guess about 3 to 4 years ago. Might have been later but I can't remember. It's one of those things where some will think they are cool and others will not mess with it. I guess on a listing sign you could have your cell phone, e-mail, 800 number, website, and a QR code and people could use what connection point they are comfortable with to contact you.

With my commercial listings I do not put signs out anyways as that is not how they are sold.

I guess a QR code would be fine in a letter as long as it does not take up space you could have used for a better response generator.

QR codes are effective only when it is applied properly. It can be used as powerful tools for driving new customers to the site and create an opportunity for engaging with the ideal customer. It’s rapidly been growing for marketing purpose and big brands are continuing to incorporate QR codes into their marketing as well.

I think that as long as you don't just use them for the novelty of it, there may be some benefit.

For Example:
The worst kinds are ones that just drive the user to the homepage of a non-mobile optimized site. Versus: The better ones, would drive the user to a mobile friendly site with a call-to-action that is specifically targeted to users on their phones.

QR codes are great for products and menu items if users need more info. As to being used on signs... i dunno about that. you have to take out your phone, launch an app (assuming you have an app that reads qr code), point and click (w/enough lighting and focus/distance) just to get to your data.

that said, you can use that coupled with a ph# AND website that's easy to remember... most importantly is tracking your leads. w/today's tech, you can easily qualify/quantify the effectiveness of your medium by use of link tracking / web analytics and ph# tracking ... that's the only way you'll truly know which medium is working best for you or at least how effective they are for people getting back to you.

btw, i say menu items (i.e., restaurants - if ppl want to know nutritional data, origin, price, reviews, etc.) or products (i.e., similar to restaurants if you're at a grocery/food place OR for mfr data, reviews, coupons, rebates, price check, etc.)... note that above mentioned uses are typically where you're not in a car or getting a single letter/post card that you're reading (and you have to pull out your phone just to scan the qr code vs. typing in a url or ph# just to call/get more info). if i were to guess, qr code is best used for more data on items OR as a shortcut to some long url link that would save the user time than typing it in.

I was browsing about QR codes and want to revive this thread. Has anyone used QR codes successfully in the past year and noticed that it made a difference in their response rates? Who are you mailing to when you use them?

Hey Allison. Thanks for reviving this post!!! It only took me nine months to respond. Anyway ... we use QR codes successfully.  All the 24 pack  budweiser cases have QR codes on them. That is my demographic that actually could use QR codes. These adult beverage drinkers can be converted into Bird Dogs when I slip in a fake $100 bill into the case handle. The QR code on the inside takes them to my bird dog landing page. There is also a $40 raffle for all my bird dogs monthly on my training call. New bird dogs get three tickets. Existing bird dogs get a raffle ticket for every distressed property they input with the QR code. I use QR codes from a great website for free. I can change the landing page for free based on our monthly goals for market penatration.

We've been using QR codes on For Rent signage for 2-3 years now.   For our student clientele, it's been an asset.

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