Purchase or Pass?

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Ok, here it is:

My offer is 173k with 13K back at closing.

Total Purchase Price $173,000
Seller Concession $13,000 (roof repairs and closing costs/fees)

Downpayment (15%) $25950
Debt Service: $1330 per month
Finance $147,000 x 9%= $1330

Gross Rents: $2775
$400 (15% vacancy/rent loss)
Effective Rent: $2370
Expenses $1100 (water, insurance, taxes, trash, grounds, misc.)

Do I buy or pass?

Here is the way I see this deal:

Acquisition cost: $180,000 (purchase price + repairs)

Gross Rents: $2,775
Operating Expenses: $1,387
NOI: $1,388

Debt ($180,000, 30 yr, 8%) $1,320

Cash flow: $68 per month

So the question becomes how many units are we talking about? This cash flow is a little low if the answer is one unit. If it is two or more units, the cash flow is very low.

This deal has some potential at a lower price. I would calculate the cash flow based on the number of units and make an appropriate offer.


no condo market here.......Boston, NYC it might work, but not in Little Town, USA.

The numbers don;t work, but I plan to put my office in the building so there is a reason outside "the numbers" to purchase this. It would work perfectly as an office...plenty parking, busy location, etc.


Run the numbers at 130K putting the same $26K down @ 9%

If you can't do between $100 & $200 a month per unit, then it's a dog.

If your first offer doesn't embarass you, it's too high.