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Has anyone had any experience or heard anything about NexGen Invest? I am having trouble finding information on them.

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I only noticed that their blog posts were consistent for a period of time and appear to have stopped. But, they are still paying Google Ads.


What did you find out? I am currently looking into a property through them, but am hesitant as I am new to this.


NexGen and Zach have been great!
I purchased a rehab house from them in the end of 2014, and got a tenant in within a month after construction was complete. I did go flying out to Ohio during the final stages of rehab.
Tenant signed a 5 year lease. They were very patient with me as I had my corporate attorney look over all the documents, everything was above board, etc.
I spoke with a few clients before investing, the references I spoke to were very happy with their decisions also.
I am not totally satisfied with the management company, they do work hand-in-hand with NexGen but are separate.
Send me an email if you would like to discuss further.
Nils1 (at)


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