Market Analysis and Property Comp Software

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Does anyone aware of or uses a software (paid or non-paid) that allows you to

  1. Perform a market analysis of an area. Pulling out data, look at trend and study the real estate market.
  2. Perform a comp of a particular house (I am not talking about you can get your agent license and use the MLS)
  3. Quickly pull out average rent in an area
  4. Can scout for short sale, REO, foreclosure … etc


You never mentioned what software you've used in the past. In that case...

Ummm... I'm not trying to be facetious but... Have you used Zillow (iOS)?

It's doesn't offer any special 'insider information' but it can get you in the ballpark.

the mls is the best source for raw data. I've used it to chart Baltimore for 8 years now

@Richard Montoya I don't have or use any software tool beside I analyzed the deal on my own using what I know.

I don't recommend using though. Every time someone mentioned about, everybody in my local REI meeting started laughing.

I know there are some tools out there. If you google it, there a few that might come up. The flip side is that which one is good.

Someone from my other post just mentioned "real fast data" database.

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