Nearby Develpoments effects

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I own a property in Bridgeport, CT off exit 29 on 95. There is development going on right off the exit, what seems like in and all around the marina/dock. How can I find what exactly is being built, and what affect will it have on my property; as in terms of property value, taxes, rental income ect.

Find out if you are in the city or the county limits. Then go to planning and zoning department. Sometimes they even have info online.

You can try tax assessor for parcel and see who owns it then Google that development company. They might already have plans up on their website. Development often starts as just an idea and takes years and years to get approved and go to completion. The bigger the size the longer it takes as the project is scrutinized heavily as having a larger impact for the whole area.

@Joel Owens steered you in the right direction - head to the city hall and ask the Planning and Zoning Dept. All of the plans and approvals should be right there, and readily available (AND all of it is public information).

You might also check the local paper online (Connecticut Post) and search their archives to see if they might have covered and written about it. Depends whether it's a big enough project.

@Mayour Patel ,

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Thanks so much to all of you, for your feedback and recommendations. This was my first post, and I am delighted to read all of your informative comments. Much Appreciated!!

hi Mayour, I'm a bpt resident and I believe you are talking about this

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