First Steps in Aquiring an Income Property

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Hello all, I am looking for some advice from all of you experienced investors. I am a 19 year old college student from Iowa and for awhile now I have been dedicating myself to become further educated in the world of real estate investing. I've read numerous books, spoke with a variety of both local and more distant investors as well as real estate agents and brokers about the tips and experience they could offer me and of course I will still continue to diligently increase my education in real estate investing. I am looking to try and take the next steps into actually going out and investing in a property and I just wanted to hear from some of you as to what those first steps should be, or if I should even begin to take those first steps in acquiring an income property at my age.

Thank you for all of your help!

Yes, buy now! I am 29 and have two rental properties and only wish I would have started 10 years ago.

You mentioned you have been talking to some local investors, can you keep the conversations going with them? Meet them for coffee and stay on their radar. I think they will be the biggest help to getting started early. Maybe partnering up or even just helping them with their projects via labor if you do not currently have any money to add to the deal.

When I first was getting started I got to know, now a mentor, owned 75 rental properties. I was asking him how he managed to buy so many. I told him I would love to do that but lack one MAJOR thing... Money!!! The first thing he told me was "you don't need money as long as you have ambition. The money will come later." He was right.

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