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why are investors so helpful to each other? You don't see this in other businesses. It's getting harder to find flips these days. So while I appreciate all the help, I do wonder do you guys ever feel like you are creating a competition problem? I see all these books and YouTube videos and wonder why people share their secrets. Again as a beginner I'm not complaining. But you don't see mcdonalds telling Burger King how to make a burger.

I'm not a flipper, buy n hold only. With that being said, BP, although a community, is more like a family. We are all here to help each other succeed. Everyone here tends to share with one another be it a seasoned investor or a noob :) it's just how we are!

John -

I notice the same thing, and have asked myself the same question. After gaining more experience in this though, here are my thoughts:

-People enjoy associating with other that have like minded interests. There aren't as many people as I expected who are passionate about real estate investment, and who chose to immerse themselves in the industry. For that reason, when 2 investors connect, there is an unspoken instant respect, regardless of experience level.

-There are a TON of opportunities to go around. Even in my competitive there are deals to be had. You just have to know where to look. Just take a look around on your next drive. Or look at an arial view of any major city. It is hard to digest how much property is out there, but everybody needs a roof over their heads! Experienced investors know this and aren't intimidated by someone just starting out looking to buy or flip a few properties at a time.

-Philanthropy is an amazing thing, and what better way to give back than to share your real life business experiences and wisdom with somebody who is about to face the same challenges that you did. I am far from an expert, but am already looking forward to the days, years from now, that I will be able to help others in their investing careers. It feels good to give back, and feels good to help others succeed. Mankind isn't always dark and deceiptful. I believe that most of us inherently find pleasure in helping others.

John, while there is tons of free advice here on BP only a small percentage of people will take action. On the other hand there very experienced investors on the site that actually enjoy helping others succeed. There is a certain amount of joy that comes from helping others. If I was you I would try to take advantage of the free networking that is available to you and use it in your own business. Once you have been successful then pass it on to others, you will see that you are successful because other peoples have helped you along the way. Just be thankful for what you have here on BP!

Many people believe that what they send out into the world comes back to them many fold. Others have had a hand up, and they want to pay it forward.

Well, nobody has enough money to buy every property out there. And nobody has sufficient resources to find every motivated seller. Even if one could find every motivated seller, it then would be unreasonable to expect to buy every one low enough to profit; plus there might not ever get to a point where rapport is established, whereas somebody else might have little trouble establishing rapport.

Think "Abundance" ...

this website is world wide. people are helping each other all over! I personally live by the moto treat others how you wish to be treated! So giving back make sense!

That is a good question. I too get the sense that bp has a 'family feel' to it and so people genuinely want to help each other on here. I also believe you get back whatever you put out into the universe, and so in a sense you are helping yourself :)

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