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Hello Bigger Pockets, Looking for some advice I posted my first WeBuyHouses, Kijij add 2 days ago...

I have gotten my first response already! I am really excited, and am also panicking a little.

The Seller sent me two emails. The first one had a list of details about the home. The second was the same, with why she wanted to sell.

Here it is.

3Bedroom split level home situated on a private and quiet just over 147 acres right on paved hwy. New Shingles on house, garage and shed 2013 Warranty for shingles transferable. New geothermal furnace 2013(warranty transferable (heat in winter air conditioner in summer) with hot water assist,jetted tub, 1 4pc bath I 2pc en-suite 1 2pc( toilet,sink) in laundry basement, New flooring in bedrooms 2013! finished basement Hvac ,Alarm high speed internet, garbage pickup, school bus pick up1998 addition included new windows, doors and 2 inch Styrofoam wrap vinyl siding Just 2 hours from Winipeg. Over 90 acres workable land was in tame hay some bush selling for health reasons moving to the city.

Looking for Actionable steps to help me work to close this deal.

Here is a couple of options I have thought of.

  • Contact other peoples kijiji adds to see if anyone is willing to work with me to close the deal.
  • Write email to seller this is what I would reply with.

My name Is Reilly Kushnir. I am interested in putting your property under contract, or purchasing the property directly from you.

I don't know if you saw my phone number on the add here it is though (My phone number). I would love to hear from you, so we could discuss your situation to see how I could help you. If you are more comfortable working through email that is fine though.

Two questions I have are. First Is what Is the address of the property?

Second Is What would be your ideal outcome from the situation?

ex) move out date?, amount of money received for property?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Reilly Kushnir

That Is the email and that's what I am about to do so actionable steps after that would be great.

Hey @Reilly Kushnir

I'm going to leave a comment so you get bumped to the top of the forums page ;-)

looks like your question got lost yesterday, hopefully this will get some answers for ya.

Best of luck friend!

@Reilly Kushnir great post. Remember one thing..... You can't close on the phone (or in an email, postcard, letter etc). In this beautiful age of technology so much is lost with the art of person to person contact. In my business I typically mail out between 6,000 and 10,000 pieces of mail per month. I do it with one goal in mind..... To make the phone ring. Why do I want to make the phone ring?............ To talk to them one on one. Why??? To build rapport and determine motivation (both level of motivation and motivating factor(s) for selling).

More important than the address right now is the phone number. Ask for it in an email that goes something like this, "Hi (name) I'm interested in the kijiji post about your property, here's my phone number, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk with you for a minute and get some more information about the property. If you want to email me your phone number that's fine too, I can call you right away. Thanks (Your Name)" Not salesy.... be personable and sincere in every bit of communication and people will open up to you a lot more and a lot quicker.

The address alone does you no good, talk to them for a while, an ideal phone call will last you about 15 minutes. That's rapport building at it's best! While you're on the phone you'll get the address, ask them why their moving (if they are in bad shape there's more motivation than just sick or tired or health reasons.... get to the REAL problem if there is one). Ask about price, will they sell on terms etc. on the call.

Next step is go to the property if you're local or ask them to email pictures if you are working remotely.

They most likely won't understand the concept of "putting it under contract" so just go through the process, explain you have partners/investors who have to approve the purchase and go from there. This way if and when you wholesale it, that conversation was already had with the seller.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.

Have a great day!

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