How close am with these comps in (New Jersey)?

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Hello BP family,

I recently went to look at a property in New Brunswick, NJ. Its a pretty small property but within walking distance of Rutgers University. The owner rents it out to college students and the property is not in the best condition. I want to make an offer on the property but having a hard time figuring out the comps. I currently use SiteXData as my comp resource, which is pretty good, but i'm still having trouble gauging the ARV fro the home. Can anyone of my BP Fam help me out on this one. I don't want to broadcast the Address for obvious reasons but if you would like to help me out please sent me PM and i'll be happy to share the info with you.

Thank in Advance

@Michael Q. Thanks for the recommendation! is this a free service ? (probably a stupid question). Also have you found the comps to be pretty accurate? and you mentioned that SitexData is a Fidelity company and the Comp service you recommended was First American Title/Corelogic company, what is the difference just curious?

Best way to get comps is to call other landlords in the area, or knock on doors and ask tenants in surrounding properties what they are paying for rent. You will get a better feel for what the neighborhood is calling for. I know New Brunswick, and the College area very well. 

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here is a second opinion to site X which is a fidelity company... This is First American Title/CoreLogic company.. change the state and county to yours and then input address and click on APN in blue then click on comparable sales


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Thanks!! it is very helpful.

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