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ok I have a few questions, I already have a home loan at $40,000 this is my primary residence, I have had it for a little over a year now and I went through Wells Fargo, now I'm looking for my second home loan, in which I plan to switch my primary residence to this new property. should I look for a alternative bank than Wells Fargo(Wells Fargo already pre approved me for $60k for a 2nd loan, but my loan office stated it has to be move in ready for some odd reason)? If I go with a smaller local bank would it be easier for me to get financed? Any suggestions

My info

Credit score 775

Income $28k

Savings $15k

Going through conventional loan 5% down, or if it looks better I can put more

Any help would be great I'm in the apopka (Orlando),fl area any great small banks in the area?

Hi @Logan Larochelle  I hate banks, however I love credit unions.  I've had a great deal of success in working with local credit unions.  In your neck of the woods I'd look at Vystar or Mid florida.

Just do a Google search of neighborhood banks in Central Florida and call some of them. I use United Southern Bank, but I'm not sure if they have any locations near Apopka. They may be willing to lend to you though.

Old Florida has done well by me.

They're a little behind on technology (no smartphone app), but the rates and approval mechanism have tended to be rather good.

And there's a branch on OBT in Apopka.

Old Florida Bank is now Iberia bank. Try Trustco and TD bank which offer portfolio loans.

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