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Does someone Knows an investor friendly real estate agent in atlanta, not efraid to work with non us citizen. I already own a georgia corp. having two single family homes. So I am a begginer.


@Jean Paul Rousseau

Are you looking to sale a house or all kinds of investing? I'm from ATL and although I am not an agent I may have several contacts that you are looking for?


Bonjour Jean,

If you are looking to acquire more SFR homes, I am an agent and would be happy to talk with you.

@Jean Paul Rousseau Not sure what you need an Agent for, but if it is to sell your 2 SFH look no further, send me the details to my PM and I will give you a win-win cash offer, so you can save all selling cost. lol :-)

thank you for your answers,

In fact I am looking to buy a third house, if possible already rehabilitated

Good afternoon Jean Paul,

I am a licensed agent in Atlanta, Ga. I work for a Wholesale Brokerage called Networth Realty. I would like to assist you in locating your next investment home if you are still looking. We work with a lot of new investors and we consider ourselves a one stop shop brokerage. Please feel free to reach out if you are still interested. Thanks

Skylar I need some help what's you contact information

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