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A seemingly abandoned home in my neighborhood is listed to a Land Trust.  Anyone have any information on how those work?  I'd like to contact owner and offer assistance but county records show owner address is property.

In theory the name of the trustee administering the land trust should be the name on file at the county recorders office.  The name can be an individual or an entity.  Either way you'll have to contact them and explain that you're interested in buying the house.  It is at the discretion of the trustee whether to pass your information on to  the trust's beneficiary, the person who actually owns the property.   Now if all of this rigmarole leads you to believe that a land trust is a device to mask the identity of the property owner that is exactly the intention of land trusts.  Finally the very fact that the property is sitting in a land trust tends to suggest that it may already belong to a real estate investor but not necessarily. 

I suspect you are correct. When I first researched this Googling the address brought up a page with the man/owner and a note of his frustrations on obtaining this deed, blahblah.  The home is vacant, the house appears damaged, there is a letter from the city posted on the front yard, and somebody has mowed the lawn twice in the last few months.  Perhaps a neighbor who gives a hoot about the aesthetics. I passed it this evening and wondered about contacting the owner. Address is listed as property but I suspect it is forwarded and I will try to contact him.  He may be interested in an 'out'.  Thanks for this information.  I didn't know how to find out about trusts in a laymans' lingo.

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