Quick question - Marketing Strategy - What number would you use?

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Hey guys,

I'm setting up a Google voice number and saw on a video that instead of having an actual number on bandit signs... say 508-123-4567 they used the idea of a word so in this case they used 508-123-SELL.  Unfortunately, there are no numbers available with the word SELL at the end but could get one for HELP.  Is HELP too strong, or do you guys think that's a good ending to a number.

If you have any other words or combinations, i'm all ears.


PS... not sure if this was the right section to throw this question in but couldn't find another spot.

I think that "Help" could work quite nicely if it was part of the rest of your marketing message.  As in, "Facing foreclosure?  We can Help! 1-555-555-Help"

I agree... I think it depends on each sign/message that your using.

For example, 508-123-HELP may sound confusing on certain "We Buy Houses" bandit signs or a business card. I suppose you could set up that number either way, then decide when you want to spell out HELP or just write 508-123-4357.

Sure, that could work - aids in recall if they are trying to remember the # later.  Another alternative is just finding a good number with repeating digits that is easy to remember - not as easy to remember as words perhaps, but maybe easier to call at the time they see the sign (vs. trying to figure out numbers for letters.) 

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