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Hi All

Can you please suggest a good property management company in Minneapolis?


Hello Atchut, I use Joseph B. for 4 of my SFR rentals. He runs a small property management company called Homestead Plus. (763) 221-0702. They also have a website. Check it out on google. Depends on what you are looking for and what type of properties you have.

Hi Bret

Thanks for the message. I am looking for maintaining SFR.




I have two rental townhomes that I use 33rd Company for.  They are a medium sized company and I've had a good experience with them.  I should note that I started using them when my wife and I first became "accidental landlords" and didn't want to be involved with tenants, repairs etc.  I am currently getting more into investing (flipping specifically) and if I decide to add more rentals I will definitely reevaluate.



This post is aged but I would highly recommend Brian Weedman (www.BrianWeedman.com)

I used to partner with Brian and he is honestly the best sfr manager I have ever worked with. This isn't only his day job- he manages his own portfolio of sfr around Calhoun and Lake Harriet including a converted mansion in Uptown off Pillsbury.

He is low pressure too- so no fear of commitment.

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