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Hi everyone,

Since we are very new to the real estate investing world, I need advise.

if you would have 2 options:

Option 1

Get a duplex, no appreciation but good residual income – 15% cap rate, in a C- neighborhood – price $170 - Asbury Park Area

Option 2

Get SFR, good neighborhood, waterfront, almost no rehabbing costs, appreciation value, 7% cap rate, - price $170 - Perth Amboy Area


My financial adviser said that i can swing this without FHA loan by putting 50K down. I want to leave FHA for another time, either for my own nice home or for a 4 unit rental BUT in the area where i would consider leaving.

I am torned.  The area in Perth Amboy, NJ is nice, not the greatest but nice, from outside the house looks deceiving but inside is very well taken care of. The second place needs some minor adjustments but for the tenant its ok. No closet space at all, and we noticed tree branches coming through the closet floor, which the owner assured us are not such a big deal, but I know it is a big deal.  The house has lots of perks, not the most updated but nice, energy efficient, low taxes, solar panels on the roof, roof needs a coating,  and kitchen needs updating but if I would to rent it I can leave it as is for now. From the second floor deck you can see the water. Nice cozy house that can be rented for around $1500 (7% cap rate).  The previous owner held it for 25 years and now selling for 170 - I do not see huge appreciation here

The property in Asbury Park is a duplex, with two 3-bedrooms units.  The area is sucks but good rentals, has very little appreciation but excellent Cap Rate

We made an oral agreement with the Seller and I instructed my attorney.  Now I have second thoughts.  tomorrow I had scheduled an inspection for the waterfront property.  Shall i cancel it and get the one in Asbury Park?

Please help.  Thanks.

Hi @Helen Kolton  

Have you run the BP calculator on these?  If not would you please do so and put the numbers on here.  I cannot tell if these properties meet the 2% (or even 1% rule) and the 50% rule (when considering expenses. (are you familiar with these general guidelines?)

A little more info would be great.  I'm just concerned that you might not be making enough return on either of these when you consider the entire picture.  

Talk soon,

Phil Cutting

A C neighborhood will generally have a higher turnover, more rent-ready repairs, etc.  Expenses as a percentage of income will be greater, affecting "paper" cap rates.

They might be great returns, but I would love to confirm it with a little more info. I certainly hope you have a great deal! :)


@Helen Kolton  

50k is a bit much for a down payment. Homepath has a Non-OO duplex buying plan for 20% down. That will save you some coin.

I would find out exactly how much the following expense are going to cost you each month. "The tenant pays" is a good answer as well. Put those numbers up here and I'll tell you what I would pay for the places.


Sewer and Water




Cap Ex and Ops (my personal minimum is $150/roof/month)


Mgmt Fee - as a % (general consensus here on BP is 10%. include it even if you think you are going to self manage)

Vacancy- as a %. (8% represents 1 vacant month/unit/year)

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