Newbie looking for multifamily tools

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Newbie here in south florida... Well not entirely, have 2 single family homes with renters but have found that single family homes don't produce cash flow I need to continue investing faster.

I've gotten serious about multifamilies but on the websites like I only see about 15-20 options for all of south florida. Where is everyone else looking? Also if the deal is truly sweet, and is generating passive income for the owner, why would someone be unloading their property in the first place?

Why not just work with a investor-friendly realtor or search the MLS through one of the realtor's websites out there. Many agents have sites where you can search the MLS. At the end of the day, that is the place that will give you the accurate info of what is and what is not available.

Owners sometimes unload on positive income properties if they may be tired of the business, want to reinvest elsewhere or simply just want to cash-out while they feel they are getting good money for the asset. 

Good Luck!

@Freddy Moldt

Consider highest and best use of your singles for example student housing rents for 2-4 times more rent.

Check out REO's call the reo broker ask what he needs to close on in th next 30 days. He will have some with a discounted price.


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