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I plan on buying couple of rental properties preferably SFH. I have focussed my search in northern california because I lived there but I am looking for ideas if there are better places. I use property managers as I currently live outside USA on an assignment.

Any ideas? I looked at Plano,TX, Houston but Cali seems to beat on long term property appreciation. I am looking to buy properties that will be minimally cash flow neutral with a long term appreciation.

I will appreciate any ideas.

SE Michigan.  Redford, Wayne, Livonia, Ypsilanti.  All have low cost, low tax, high rent/sf, high cash flow.  This is a very popular area for out of state, and out of country investors.

Joe Villeneuve

As Joe stated there are some great deals in the Metro Detroit Area (SE Michigan).

I think you could pull it off in any bedroom community of any metropolitan city in the Midwest...

Great investment opportunities are here in Metro Detroit!

@Sri Mallur   You should look into the Kansas City market.  You can find properties for $30-$40k with rents range $600-$800.

Hi @Sri Mallur  ,

I am in Houston, and I have seen a good rate of appreciation over the last few years. 

Definitely ask if you have some questions.


Andres J. 

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