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Saw this forum on REDDIT, and thought it would be cool if we started a forum discussion: "Someone should make this" for something you need in real estate.

Could be an app that you wish you had that could make your life easier.

Could be a tool that you wish they made for some aspect of your rehab.

Maybe you need a specialize "tool" that you need to convince your renters to pay rent.

FOR ME, one thing that I think would be useful, is a visual app that shows the price of a house by viewing it in my camera. Particularly if I want to quickly see how much a house is next door to the buildings I'm looking im visiting for a snap shot of what the comps near by..

I think there is something similar to that.

That commercial with the little kid in a suite. He's outside at a coffee shop or restaurant buying investment properties off the adds on the telephone pole.

@James Wise  

The app in that commercial searches for phone numbers in the view finder and brings it into the phone so you can dial or save the contact info.

Im thinking something more like the yelp app. The Yelp app had this feature, where you look through your camera, and it shows restaurants on your street with ratings and type of food. The app would be like an augmented reality app. 

So it would be like a quick visual tool to stand on a street look at your house and a price would show up over the house based on MLS information. Then I can shift right or left to the house adjacents to see if they are for sale or recent sale info to quickly gage how well the other house is priced.

Gotcha. Yea that'd be pretty cool.

I'd like to take your app a step further.

Same app has a Realtor version that has the lock box code on all empty houses.

I think I might actually work on this app. Would you like to test it for me when we are ready to test?

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