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I recently started wholesaling properties. I found a data base that provided the address, mortgage balance outstanding, and property type. However, they didn't provide the property owner's name (an extra fee is required so they can provide reports with property owner's name). 

My question is, Do you think it's possible to send mail to this property without knowing their names? I'm concerned if this would be as effective as knowing the name of the property owner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


If you're doing a postcard, it probably doesn't matter.  Think about all the marketing material you receive in your mailbox.  How much of it is addressed to "resident" or "occupant"?  You can simply address it to "Property Owner".

However, if you're trying to do a more personalized a yellow letter, you're going to want to personalize the letters.

Also, if this list provider doesn't give you the property owner's name, I'm guessing you aren't being provided a large number of filtering tools either, so you're probably not targeting a specific subset of owners.  Again, if that's the case, you don't need to worry about the owner name.

The one thing I would suggest is to check your local tax assessor web site.  I don't know about Chicago, but in Texas, I can get almost everything from the assessor site, unless a particular owner has opted out, which is <1%.

The more info the better...

two methods maybe...

1- Set up a relationship with a title company who provides the data via MetroScan. This data will be supplied free.  You then can, using excel, fill in the name of the owner by comparing the two lists.

2- If it is ones and twos use a free site like Fastweb from First American Title. here is my access in the mean time. site the user is Reiuniverse and PW is 1800Sell4Cash

Thanks a lot for your insight @Hattie Dizmond  and @Michael Quarles  . The assesors office in Chicago only publishes a list of pre-foreclosure notices in the local newspaper and online( The data has to be gathered manually and can't be exported to excel). 

Thanks again for your help!

@Daniel Moctezuma  

You're not looking for the foreclosure information from the tax assessor.  You're looking for property ownership.  The assessor has to bill the owner for their taxes each year.  They have property owner data for all property within their taxing authority.  It's just a matter of whether or not it's available on line.

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