On a piece of raw land, what would be the cost of a sewer line?

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Is there a ballpark number on the price per lineal foot of installing sewer pipe? I know there are variables, but assuming a normal, wooded parcel of land that has enough pipe to handle 8 to 12 dwellings, how much per foot? Or is it even calculated this way. Any help would be much appreciated. 

@Terry Burger  , For a "regular" house on a "regular" lot your looking about 7 bucks a foot +/-    For this type of situation I would consult with the municipality, my engineer and my plumber on the EXACT parcel of land I was looking to develop.   Things can get "stinky" in a hurry with developmental sewer!

Also your "tap" fees will probably be MORE than the actual costs of the pipe install.

It's even messier than that Todd. I have to get an easement to tap sewer from a neighboring commercial property that has six or seven owners. Could be tough, but I've got a 30 day due diligence and if I play my cards right and can get the easement plus rezoning, it might be a good land flip or perhaps a townhouse development with some financing help. Thanks for the help. I've been around builders for 10 years, but development, that's a new animal for me. Thankfully I have a friend that owns a construction management company that can price it out from start to finish. 

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