Real Estate Agents / Property Managers in Charlotte, NC

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HI, any recommendations for real estate agents that work with Investors along with knowledge of quality property management companies in Charlotte, NC?

If so, can you elaborate and note if you've successfully used them in the past and present and that things are working out great?

Hi David, I can definitely recommend several agents to you as well as a property management company we have used and had a lot of success with. Are you looking to buy, buy and sell or buy and hold? Do you have a particular area of Charlotte you are looking in? Please message me and I can pass along that info. 

BTW welcome to the area. 

HI, I'm looking to buy and hold. Would like to rent it out.

Looking for single family home (3 br, 2+ bath) approximately $150K - 200K, class B neighborhoods. I don't know which zip codes are class B material though so perhaps someone from Charlotte would know.