Shuld I consider buying a propert with swimming pool?

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Hey guys,

I am considering to purchase a property with a pool.

I know that its against me and thats way I don't want it.

The question is if someone know to estimate  the price of filling it? And beside that please tell me anything you know about the subject.

Thanks a lot.

To find out how much it would cost to fill, call the water company. Water rates vary from location.

Are you flipping the house or renting it? If you are flipping it, the pool maybe an attractive feature, especially if it's common in your neighborhood.

However if you are renting, you need to be sure that there is a child safety gate surrounding the pool. Call your insurance agent and see how much more your insurance will be. And if you do decide to rent with the pool, I would pay for a pool maintenance service, to make sure it was kept-up. Just increase the rents accordingly to include this cost.

Who will be your market demographic? What type of tenants will you have? We buy in class A neighborhoods so our market would support a pool. They rent out quicker and usually hire. This usually covers the higher charge and expense.

Can be insured but xpect to pay more for insurance.  Even if your current insurance carrier will do it, they will most likely have many "Loss Recommendations" that will need to be implemented before they will start coverage/ add to your current policy.  Example, would be Locks on gates, signage, safety items like a life preserver in clear view, etc. 

good luck

I am sorry. I was unclear.

The area is middle class one and they don't want a pool at their house.

I was asking if someone have an experiance in filling it with concrete? I didn't mean water...

Like to destroy it. I don't want the pool.

If someone can help me figure out if I want to get in this project? what are the expenses I should considering?

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