One Week to Demo Day!

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Please allow me to start with I have since learned the lesson of having my exit strategies in place and not properly managing my team. Everyone else has their money and I am about to lose my shirt.

My first real estate deal I thought would be easy however here I am in trouble. I have a code violation property that is scheduled for demolition in one week.

My first thought is to try to find a cash/credit partner to complete the work I only have about seven thousand dollars worth of work to complete. My biggest problem is the race against the clock. I have already been given a one month extension so this is it. The work left will only take a couple of days.

How can I quickly find a partner really fast? Or do I bite the dust with this one?

FYI, I have really good news the city's code enforcement team gave me some really great solutions to fix my issues at my property and they were so much cheaper than the original SOW.

Needless to say I really happy, my inspection is still scheduled for this Friday and so far I believe that all should be complete by Wednesday. I did not expect the positive turn and was almost ready to throw in the towel

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