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Here is a potential opportunity I am considering. See below for the numbers...
I would appreciate any feedback, thanks in advance.

Selling Price: $78,000.
Renovation costs estimate: N/A
Total Investment: $78,000.
Monthly Gross Property Income: $1,200.
Yearly Gross: $14,400.

Taxes: $1,428.
Insurance: $1,165.
Utilities: water/sewer, garbage: $750. est. (tenant pays electric and gas)
Annual City Rental License Fee $40/unit: $80.
Maintenance: $400.
Yearly expenses: $3,723.
Net operating income (NOI): $10,577.

Capitalization Rate: (NOI divided by total investment): 12.3%

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Looks good.  Can you validate the rental prices and make sure they're not inflated?  Ask for the last couple years P & L to validate expenses.  Review short-term appliance needs.

How is the neighborhood?  Try to come up with a reasonable value for vacancy rate.


Looks to me like your maintenance might be a bit low....if a refrigerator goes out your maintenance budget is shot.  I don't see any allowance for vacancy's either. 


Are you going to manage these yourself?  May want to include the cost of a property manager because you never know.  If it is a good deal with PM its a good deal without.

I've got a couple of questions:

1. Is it never vacant?  If it is, there should be allowance

2. $400 Maintenance - I hope that's per month

3. CapEx - stoves, refrigerators, HVAC, flooring, roofs, sump-pumps - those break eventually; better set some money aside...?

This might still work, but do yourself a favor and put-in all of the costs.  This way you can gain a more meaningful perspective...

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