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I have my first deal under contract. And after meeting with a serious buy & hold investor who schooled me on presentation I realized I needed a more professional look in providing detailed cash flow analysis on a property. 

A light bulb went off. I went pro and now had access to the calculators. Why don't I plug in the numbers that I have and see how this thing works?

I'm not experienced so I don't have a point of reference but the calculator was unbelievably helpful! From the 5 year projections, to the break down of every expense imaginable, and it stuck to the 50% rule. This was super helpful. The numbers and the chart visual helps especially for those who are a visual learner (as such I). 

There's nothing like presenting this professional looking spreadsheet to investors versus a simple flyer.

Thanks for this valuable tool!

@Frantzces Lys  

 I'm sure @Joshua Dorkin   and @Brandon Turner  will be happy to know that you're happy with how it works and looks! They spend a lot of time, and do a great deal of work to come up with functions that are helpful to investors[ and make doing deals easier. Welcome to BP! 

This is so great to hear @Frantzces Lys  ! This is exactly why we made them. Thanks so much for the great testimonial! 

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