Good source for ready made Home Plans?

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Hey Guys,

Does anyone have a good source for ready made home plans?

Haven't been able to find any good deals on flips lately and been running some rough numbers, looks like one can do quite well building their own house, cutting most of the labor and/or contractor costs out.

Any good or bad story's doing this lately?



Mike NA 

Where? We sold our long-time SFR in Redwood Shores about a year ago and still count ourselves as Bay Area people.

I assume you're talking about a spec house, not your residence.

Mike NA A word of advice, don't put the cart before the horse. Designs need to be lot specific.  If you're interested in doing a spec house, first, find the lot. Once you have the lot, and know the specifics as to the dimensions, etc., you will want to talk to the Planning and Building Departments and find out the what is required for setbacks, driveways, sidewalks, landscaping, height limitations, etc. Once you have ALL the information, you're ready for a house plan. Also, be sure to check on if there are any CC&R's on the lot.  Though you can buy stock plans, in order to have one that meets all the criteria for your local and state codes, etc. you will need to have it customized, therefore; in the end you probably aren't going to save much money, and may even end up spending more. 

From what you describe, your area may be ripe for new construction. However; if you have never done construction before, I'd suggest you work with someone that has on your first projects, and avoid costly mistakes. Good luck.

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