Broker found deal in other state. discount on fees?

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RE question if anyone is up for it. I know there are a good amount of out of state investors on here. So I am a Broker in California. I found a great deal here in Pennsylvania. I haven't met listing broker, but she gave me the combo to the keys over phone and I've been doing my due diligence and inspections, etc. Should I ask for discounts since I am a broker? Even though only in Cali? i cali, I could use my 3% as a credit to myself. But could I ask the listing broker to take off 1-1.5% of his fee, for example (since he doesn't have to hold my hand, etc? Or does that take away a substantial incentive for her? Only talking around $100k acquisition price. Thanks!

Is $1,500 worth reducing the agents skin in the game and therefore willingness to help you on this and future deals. Honestly my agent is everything. I truly do anything I can to prevent taking money from her in the deal. In turn she has gotten me FANTASTIC deals!

Rebates are not allowed in all states to buyers.

I can tell you if anyone calls me for commercial properties and tries that crap their contact info goes somewhere not readily found.... : ) 

I tell them NO in about 1 second and that let's them know it's not a possibility. Some people are asking for the sake of asking and they still buy and other buyers are just a PITA to deal with and you avoid them like the plague just like the other broker/agents do.  

On the commercial side buyers are begging for deals to buy.  In fact buyers do not mind offering more to land a deal or be presented it first.

Smart buyers understand nickel and diming the brokers selling the property is small minded thinking. That might work for one property but if you want to develop a good rep as a buyer long term it will give you a black mark and will hurt the potential of future property purchases.

If brokers have a great experience with their buyers they will come back to them again and again. If buyers are a real pain you generally won't get many calls back. 

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