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What's going on everyone! I'm new to biggerpockets and fairly new to the real estate market. Just got my license back in October 2014 with Keller Williams realty here in the central Florida area and I am looking to build my business on investors of all shapes and sizes. I've got a very big goal: Land development. Within the next few years I plan to begin land developing projects in central Florida. So, as you all could imagine, connecting with investors would be crucial for this goal. Now come on everyone, we all have goals here so connect with me! I could use all the exposure and advice I can get. I'm 21 years old, have no wife and kids,  and barely have any bills, so I am eager to get things rolling before the excess baggage arrives so let's go! Thanks everyone, I'm glad to have stumbled across this forum!   

@Danny Diaz  for business building and good contacts look into CFRI ( cental florida real estate investors) located in the Orlando area

@Steve Smith, much appreciated Mr. Smith!

Pretty awesome goals! What kind of development do you have in mind? Good luck!

@Patrick Jacques

Yes sir thank you. I'm thinking residential subdivisions or commercial. Really, wherever the most money is generated and will give me a good return. So until I start raking in some money to fund this, it's up in the air my friend. I plan on posting my progress as I move along to this goal so keep an eye out! Thanks for the response!   

Hey Danny! 

Awesome goals! I am actually a wholesaler in and I do invest in the central Florida area and I around the same age as you (22), young and hungry!! I'd love to develop a relationship with you in order for us to help each other! All the best! 


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