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I'm trying to locate details on properties like owners name, mortgages and last purchase price. My county's (Santa Clara county) website and tax assessor's website are only partial. Where else can I get those details other than going to county records?

MLS is the best place as @Joe Villeneuve mentioned and in the area I am in Vision Appraisal does a lot of the town property info stuff and their listings give some good info as well. 

I used to be a licensed Realtor in SCLA county and the main site used for listing information at the time was

Take a look and hopefully it'll provide what you're looking to get.

if you have access to MLS great, If you use a title company ask them to see if they give you access otherwise you can use

It is very important that one should able to find out the records of any property. Property record will help you to find people that they are having the curiosity of buying or selling the property. Different companies of real estate are having software or apps to find the overall details of the owner of property and location of the property. 

@Juan Silva  @Morry Eghbal  

Thanks for the suggestions. Thing is, all the properties I'm looking at are off-market so MLS has no info about the things I'd like to know (owners for example). At the moment I'd rather not pay for information and a realtor would cost a lot since they want a buyer-agent agreement.

Does someone know a backdoor to that sort of information?

I use CRSData in my area. Gives not just owner/mortgage info but also comp info for properties currently listed for sale or off the market

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