First meeting with an investor,

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I have my first meeting with an investor in my area, I don't have anything to offer but he wants to talk and help what kind of questions should I ask? What should I wear? What do I talk about? 

Relax and be yourself. It sounds like he asked to meet with you not the other way around.  Say "I m new and have a ton of questions about real estate but you asked to talk to me, What did you want to talk about?"

Simply ask him what his needs are and for guidance on how you can help him. Most investors are willing to invest time to teach and mentor you IF they perceive you are motivated and will make their time and effort in "training and coaching you" worthwhile.  Therefore, it is important to convey that you are both enthusiastic and eager to help them, as well as be a great resource.  You don't have to go out of your way to let them know you are new at this, but answer any questions with honesty and integrity.  Good luck!

Mark Gagner

@Israel Campos    That's great!  How did this investor come to look you up?  I have never had a seasoned person contact me to offer info. Usually the other way around. I get asked to mentor or allow my brain to be picked sometimes and I am a little hesitant.  Most come to me through apts & homes I have for rent / sale or my direct mail to other owners that are looking to acquire more property, not sell.  Please let us know how it went!

The meeting went great!!! He gave me some homework, and told me about his experience, I asked a few questions took lots of notes but really wish I would have record the interview. 

He told me he want to help me, work with me and if I have any question to call him.

About him, he is 36 years old has been doing whole sale full time for the past 3 and a half years a she has turn over 42 properties I think that's very good he did mention that his first year he only turned 2. Told me a lot of his fav quotes me talked about his fav books.

We have an open schedule to meet again next week, he's motivated by my enthusiasm and I just really want to kick some ***!!!

The way I came about this guy is from his signs on the corner, I had seen them every day on my way home from work, so finally I decide to call it and talked to him for 20 or 30 min told him about myself and some of my goals for the future, he found a good flair in me and asked to meet with me I just wanted to talk on the phone at first but he wanted to meet, so I agreed. 

He said he liked my energy and my eagerness to what to go for its I he wants to teach me.

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