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Alright well I started looking in to REI first week of January now today after listening to several hours of podcast and succes stories I have come across several positive outcomes, First at of all I met my mentor by calling one of the we buy houses signs he's teaching me and supporting me and giving me valuable info, second I have had contact with several sellers some realtor no investors yet but I'm searching, on Saturday I checked out my first house talked to my mentor about it, he called one of his investors and the guy wants to look at the house tomorrow my mentor said its looking good, seems like my mentor offered it to his buyer for $2500 over asking price wich is great!!! I have been trying to keep my cool not think about it too much but it's so hard to hold in all this excitement, out of pure adrenalin from this I called several other houses and have 4 houses to look at this next week... I don't even know how I'm going to do that I work all week.

I wish I knew some more buyers in my area I keep finding good deals and the guys who are posting that they buy houses are not calling me back!!!

What do I do???

@Israel Campos

You need to be concerned about your mentor and his buyer cutting you out of the picture as it would be very easy based on what you have told me.  I have seen it happen many of times.   Not trying to be a buzz-kill but you need to be cautious along with being excited.   There are plenty of shady individuals out there in this business. 

If your mentor offered it for $2,500 over the sellers list, how much of that will you make if it works out?

Good luck

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