Need help finding agent/broker that is also investor in Miami/Fort Lauderdale

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I have been looking at properties for some time now on my own and through wholesalers. Since I have had no luck I now realize that I should be working with a agent/broker/investor.  Can anyone recommend an agent/broker that is investor friendly in the miami / fort lauderdale area that they have worked with.  I am specifically looking for both fix and flips and section 8 rented duplexes, triplexes, quads, with a cap rate of 12% and higher.   Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Go to your local REIA Deals/Networking event. Ask the investors there who they use.


I work in the area and would be happy to meet up with you. Send me a PM and we can go from there.


Hi Lisa:

I have sold at least 15 REO properties with a GREAT Miami husband / wife team. Please email me at [email protected] for their information.  I have agents all over the country I work with and they are THE BEST.

@Lisa Mauritis  

What kind of areas are you hoping to get a 12% cap rate on multi-family properties? I'm also an investor and broker and know the area quite well and I know the 12% cap in a and b areas is very difficult to find. 

@Mitchell L.  I realize that I am looking for a 'C' area.  I am looking for section 8 multi family rentals.

Good luck.  Personally, I've stopped looking at the small multi's in Miami.  Found them to be way overpriced.  Rental income just doesn't justify the purchase price.  Maybe you'll do better in Broward or Fort Lauderdale.

I think you can find that in areas such as Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes, some parts of Sunrise, Oakland park. Maybe even something in West Hallandale and West Park as well. 

@Lisa Mauritis  Hi Lisa good morning. My name is Miguel Maria and together with my business associate @Chris Kennedy  we run a successful full service real estate company. We are both license Real Estate Brokers, we help our investors find great deals and also help them flip the properties since most our investors are not "hands on" and they are more kind of passive investors since they have to do their day to day job.... @Mitchell L.  who posted earlier has a great point there are obviously some areas better than others and in general I think you have to look for properties where comps are all over the place which will help you get the property for a good price (since most of them will be in original condition) and then the highest will help for re sale... Is funny he mentioned Oakland Park because as we speak we are in the final phase of a flip in that area and here is a quick Pic or before and after of the exterior of the property... If you are interested on looking at more pics I will be more than happy to send you more once the property is completed which should be the middle of next week.... The property was converted from a 2/1 into a 3/2 in order to maximize profit for the investors and of course us....

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